How to teach a puppy basic commands

Do you have a puppy or an adult dog and would you like him to master basic commands? All you need is free time and patience. And of course some titbit. Dog training is challenging, but it’s fun.


When to start training a dog?


Every dog ​​manages to learn basic commands, so it doesn’t matter at what age you train. However, the truth is that puppies learn faster. Every dog ​​is different. One responds to commands completely differently than the other. Some dogs are very intelligent and smart, so they can learn basic commands quickly. On the contrary, with dogs that are bothered in training and they can’t do it, it will be a little more difficult. Everything just needs time and also the right method.


What to do during each training?


You have to explain to the dog exactly what you want from him and you expect from the given command. It is also very important to use the same commands. When you change the command, the dog will not know what to do. After mastering the concepts, your dog will already feel quite clearly what you want from him.


Give each dog a masquerade or caress for each successful command. Don’t use rudeness and power! Training must be fun for you, as well as for your dog.


Basic commands


Sit down – The most used command that every dog ​​should control. Call the dog to you, say the command and push his fingers on his ass. The dog will know what you want from him.


Lie down – The second basic command you should teach your dog after he has mastered the “sit down” command. First tell the dog to sit down and then say lie down. You can help him by stretching his front legs.


At the foot – A useful command when walking the dog. Give the command and pull the dog to your left leg. A great help is a guide with which you can direct the dog’s movement.


Stay – A very important command that you should definitely teach your dog. Say the sit down command first and then stay. Then walk a short distance. If the dog is waiting, call him to you and praise him.


If your dog masters the basic commands, you can start training new commands. Everything is in your hands. Of course also in the paws of your pet.

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