Interesting facts not only about Labradors

Dogs belong to very intelligent and clever animals. It is not for nothing that it is said that a dog is man’s best friend. It can cheer you up, encourage you and give you a lot of energy. Dogs also have a very positive effect on human health. Many breeds are used in various therapies.

Take a look at some interesting facts you may not have known about dogs

But first, about our beloved Labradors

  • Labrador is popular with people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if it is a playful child or a grandmother with a mallet. Therefore, it is suitable as a partner for all people.
  • It belongs to the smartest breeds.
  • Labrador is a dog that is suitable for any training and sport.
  • They love water, so they will be happy to accompany you when swimming or fishing.
  • If you also own other pets, such as cats or dogs, the Labrador will get along with them without any problems. He is tolerant of everything alive.

Facts about dogs in general

  • People who have a dog live up to 15% longer than those who do not
  • The dog picks up the incoming sound from 4 times more than a human
  • The first sense that dogs perceive after birth is touch
  • The dog is at the mental level of a 2-year-old child, so he can learn 150-200 words
  • The existence of dogs has been for an incredible 40,000 years
  • Many people think that dogs are color blind. However, the opposite is true. However, they see the colors as people do at dusk
  • If the dog is huddled in a ball, it means that it protects its vital organs
  • The dog can learn the daily schedule quickly. He will know when he goes for a walk, when he gets food and much more
  • They have up to 3 eyelids. The third is used to moisturize and protect the eyes
  • The smell of dog urine announces to other dogs his age, sex and even his mood

So how? Did you learn anything new?

Dogs are very interesting beings who can give a person as much love and understanding as anyone else.

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