Labrador Retriever

Are you looking for a great family partner or travel companion? Labrador is the clear winner. A harder breed is hard to find. With Labrador, really everyone can do it and you can manage its training even without much experience, all you need is a good supply of masters.

The Labrador has served as a working breed in the past. To be happy, a labrador needs a lot of movement, play and exercise. His strengths include intelligence, diligence, easy training and a friendly nature. He is still a very active and hard-working dog, which is characterized not only by a good sense of smell and huge endurance, but also by a strong love of water and fetch. The Labrador, combined with its friendly nature, nice appearance and sincere look, is one of the most popular breeds in the world. In all circumstances, he wants to please his master and family, loves children and gets along well with strangers and other animals.

He is simply a loving and devoted dog with a big heart. No wonder if it catches your eye.