I'm Ivy and I gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies.

Mendosun is a kennel for Labrador retrievers, where we try to do everything for the satisfaction of dogs. From us you can be sure that the puppies have everything they should have and are raised with love.

Their energy is contagious

Labrador is one of the most energetic dog breeds in the world. RedBull? Coffee? No, just spend 15 minutes with your Labrador and you will get an instant dose of energy.

Dog with papers = you know what you are buying

You will know if your dogs genetic predispositions and besides, it does not require a haircut, only combing and occasional bathing (which they love), so taking care is easy.

Training, training, training

Long walks, trips to the park, to nature, sitting in the yard, you choose. Labradors love to move so thanks to that, you will become more fit than you imagined.

They learn fast

Combine Labrador obedience with his intelligence and curiosity and you have a recipe for a dog that likes to learn quickly and quickly.

Family member

They always want to please their masters. This breed is obedient and faithful all its life. They have a strong instinct to protect and care for their people.

Loooots of love to give

They will love you unconditionally, and they will always be here for you. A kind-hearted and loving companion, whether for children or other animals.

About us

Labrador breed



Mendosun, the Labrador breed and something about us ...

We currently have puppies from litter A for sale, which were born on September 24, 2021. Beautiful 8 puppies were born, of which 5 are males and 3 are females. Read more in the puppies section  puppies.

You will never regret marrying a Labrador. He is a very active, friendly dog who needs strong contact with his family. He needs education, the right dosage of food (he tends to overeat, it is a really greedy breed: P) and he is very happy to learn everything new.

"Having a kennel has been my dream since I was a child. Ever since I first found out how beautiful it is to have a dog, I knew I wanted only the best for them. The story of the Mendosun kennel does not only begin in the year of its establishment, but much earlier. Mendosun is a composition of two words, respectively names - Mendy and Sunny. Thanks to the two of them, I can have my own kennel today. "
Klaudia Gašpercová
breeder and owner